6 Tips to Maintain Your Asphalt Parking Lot

An excellent parking lot can earn clients for your business and help you beat the competition. If you offer parking as a service, you need to observe the right parking space maintenance procedures and use advanced technology to manage the parking process.
Asphalt parking areas are durable and require minimal maintenance. Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to protect and maintain their asphalt parking spaces. Here are six simple ways to take care of your asphalt parking lot.

1. Clean Frequently
You can retain the value of your asphalt parking space through regular cleaning. You should hire a cleaning service or ask your employees to sweep it every morning to remove leaves, debris, and dust. Trash makes a parking lot look abandoned, which could make you lose potential clients.

The cars on your parking space may leak oil, which can ruin your parking lot. When this happens, you should clean oil stains immediately. Regular cleaning will help remove any elements that can mask the shininess or compromise the integrity of your parking lot.

2. Fill Potholes
Potholes on asphalt are a result of the contraction and expansion of the underground water. If potholes are not filled on time, they could spread and damage your whole parking area. Once you notice potholes, you should hire asphalt paving contractors to fix them immediately.

3. Sealcoat the Parking Space
This innovative procedure creates a durable top layer over the asphalt surface, which makes the parking space more resistant to elements such as rain, sun rays, and ice. The coat stops water from penetrating underneath the asphalt and, in turn, prevents the formation of potholes.
Moreover, the coat has a glossy finish, which enhances the look of your parking lot. You could seal your parking area every two to four years, depending on usage and signs of damage.

4. Use Salt
When winter kicks in, always have salt and sand ready to save your parking area. The ice from snow can ruin your parking lot and the tires of your clients’ cars. Salt, specifically sodium choloride, lowers the melting and freezing point of water.

The lowered melting point will make the ice melt to water, and the lowered freezing point will prevent the water from freezing back to ice. However, when the temperatures are exceedingly low, you should use calcium chloride instead of sodium chloride.

Calcium chloride produces heat when it mixes with moisture, and therefore it can melt ice even in extreme freezing conditions. You can work with a snowplow company to get rid of any remnant ice particles. Paving contractors can also guide you on ways to care for your pavement in winter.

5. Drain Water
If you yearn to see your parking area in good shape for an extended period, you should always keep it dry. You should install effective drains that prevent your parking lot from soaking in water. Water pools often extend the size of potholes and further damage the parking space.  

6. Restrict Access to Heavy Vehicles
If you want your asphalt parking lot to last for long, you should prevent heavy vehicles from parking in it. Whenever necessary, allow them to park for just a short time.

You can also ask your employees to rotate their parking slots. This is because your workers are likely to have cars that weigh differently, and those with heavy ones could ruin their slots, which will affect the overall look and integrity of your parking lot.

The tips discussed above can help you have a beautiful and resilient asphalt parking lot. Our company offers residential, industrial, and commercial paving and seal coating services. If your parking area needs attention or you have any questions, contact us right away.