Making Your Parking Lot More Inviting to Customers

A parking lot is about more than just paving. It’s an invitation to your customers. If your parking lot is difficult to navigate, your customers will be less likely to stop by. Customers judge businesses based on their lots and your parking lot may very well be the first experience a customer has with your business. What can you do to improve their first impression?

Get Rid of the Cracks
If there are cracks in your pavement, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your entire parking lot has to be redone. There are ways to fix cracks, and cracks should be fixed on a regular basis. Cracks aren’t just bumpy and disruptive for drivers; they can grow over time and become dangerous for pedestrians, too.
People can easily trip on cracks, which becomes a liability. That’s especially true if you know about the cracks and don’t get them fixed. If your asphalt has become extremely cracked, you may need to replace it. A skilled paving company will add pressure faults to prevent your new asphalt from cracking frequently.

Redesign the Lines 
If you’ve noticed that your parking lot is congested or confused, you may need to redesign the lines. Lines control the flow of traffic. If it’s too crowded, you can create larger stalls. If the traffic seems confused, consider slanting the stalls.
If the lines have started to fade, they may be due for repainting. When customers can’t see the lines on the asphalt, they’re going to start ignoring them and you should consider getting them repainted. 

Fill the Potholes
Potholes occur readily in areas that have strong temperature extremes, but they can really happen anywhere. As potholes occur, they should be filled and fixed immediately. A single pothole can be extremely damaging to someone’s car. Luckily, an asphalt company can fix potholes very quickly.

Make It Greener
Consider improvements such as adding solar panels or green charging stations. Many customers today look for green features wherever they go, and that includes parking lots. Parking lots are a great place for solar panels, and solar panels can be used for nearby businesses.

Keep It As Clean As Possible
Keeping your asphalt clean won’t just keep it looking good. It’ll also reduce wear-and-tear on your asphalt and keep it looking new longer. For instance, if you have rocks and gravel on your asphalt, it’s going to damage it every time someone drives over it.
At the same time, you should clean off any oil. Consider regular power washing. Oil can degrade asphalt over time, leading to permanent asphalt damage. 

Add Some Light
A brightly lit parking lot is always more inviting. If your parking lot is dark, not only will it be frightening to customers at night, but it could become a haven for crime. People look for dark parking lots when they’re up to mischief, and it can make it more difficult to secure your business. 

Hire a Company to Seal the Asphalt
Sealing asphalt protects it from the elements. When you seal asphalt, it becomes weather-proofed and protected, even under heavy use. If you want your parking lot to look fantastic, sealing the asphalt is a good solution. 
The issue is that sealant does wear off, over time. You should get your asphalt sealed again on a regular basis. Your asphalt company can give you more information about the frequency of the sealing. In addition to the sealant protecting the asphalt, it will also make the asphalt look darker and more polished. 
Creating an enticing parking lot is all about regular repair and maintenance. To get a quote for your paving today, contact JR Paving & Construction Co., Inc.