Residential & Commercial Paving Services in Western Pennsylvania


Professional paving installation and maintenance will keep your pavement looking great. As a fully insured and licensed paving company serving Western Pennsylvania and Tri-State Area, JR Paving & Construction Co., Inc. provides quality paving services for your commercial or residential property. We handle all aspects of paving construction, including parking lots, driveways, and roads. With more than 50 years of paving experience, the work that we do is of a high quality so you don't have to worry about getting it re-paved anytime soon!

Our Paving Services


Parking Lots

First impressions count when it comes to your business and your parking lot is the first thing your customers see. JR Paving & Construction Co., Inc. offers a full line of parking lot paving services. From installing a new or existing parking lot, to adding speed bumps and line striping, we will help you put the right foot forward. Ensure your parking lot stays looking great with parking lot maintenance services such as crack repair, patching, and seal coating.

Driveway Paving

Your driveway is often the first thing visitors see when they come to visit your home. A nice, well-maintained driveway can add value and curb appeal to your property. JR Paving & Construction Co., Inc. provides quality residential driveway paving and resurfacing. Our experienced team will provide driveway installation that is completed to the highest of standards. We will ensure your driveway is completed on time, and on budget.

Paved Areas

In addition to driveways, and parking lots, we provide professional paving for a variety of other applications:


Tennis courts

Basketball courts

Golf cart paths


Resurfacing existing concrete with asphalt


Inside flooring of buildings

New installation and repaid of drains and catch basins

Satisfaction Guaranteed / Work Guaranteed

With more than 50 years in business, we know a thing or two about customer service. We are dedicated to providing our customers with quality paving services that can't be beaten. You can trust in our service and experience to complete your job, no matter how big or small.

Service Areas

We provide paving services throughout the surrounding Western Pennsylvania and Tri-State Area.

Why would you not want to seek paving services from one of the top paving companies in Western Pennsylvania and Tri-State Area? Call JR Paving and Construction Co., Inc. today at (800) 888-9833 for a FREE estimate for your paving needs.