Why Summer Is Ideal for School Asphalt Services

Institutions by nature receive a lot of vehicular traffic originating from a facility parking lot, and public schools are no exception. Parents, students, teachers, administration and staff, and various vendors utilize the parking lot to secure their vehicle while they conduct business on campus.

In the life of that parking lot the asphalt will need maintenance, repair, or total replacement. Just like summer sees a collective sigh of release from students, those summer months are also the best time to conduct many asphalt services. Here’s an educated approach to why summer is the best time to deal with your school’s asphalt parking lot.

Mild Weather and Temperatures Are Ideal for Crack Repair

The summer months are more than ideal for putting away school supplies and going on vacation. Summer months bring milder temperatures above freezing yet well below steaming heat – as well as cooperative weather. Both of these elements are helpful when it’s time to repair cracks in the asphalt.

May through October is the best time to work with asphalt for two reasons:

  • Less likelihood for precipitation to ruin the set of crack repair material while it cures for a few days.
  • Less likelihood for cold temperatures to freeze and crack materials to interfere with its ability to set properly.

The best temperature range for asphalt is between 50 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, which fall right within those crucial summer months.

Fewer People to Get in the Way of Asphalt Services

Kids get to take the summer off, but a few unlucky adults usually stick around to attend training meetings, finalize grades, clean up, or prepare schedules for the following school year. Summer months mean a lot fewer people are around to get in the way of asphalt services.

For example, some types of crack fill should not be walked on immediately. Crack filler can be tracked inside a building on your shoes and make a mess. In fact, any asphalt activity is off limits to foot traffic until it is ready.

Also, it’s dangerous to be near and handle asphalt. Unwary watchers can inhale fumes or dangerous chemicals if they eat or drink where asphalt is being worked. Physical contact with asphalt is hazardous and can irritate and burn skin. For these reasons its best to start asphalt services during the summer to avoid pedestrian interference.

An Empty Parking Lot Has Advantages

Inactivity at a school during the summer months guarantees an empty or near-empty parking lot for asphalt work. Fewer people mean fewer vehicles, and you can reroute parking for those few vehicles more simply if you require a completely empty parking lot.

An empty parking lot is the precise time to perform an asphalt inspection to take stock of its health. Conditions like asphalt color, crack prevalence and size, potholes, or lots of loose rocks and sand indicate problems that require repair or complete asphalt replacement.

Lastly, those summer months are ideal when you need the time to conduct a total asphalt removal, replacement, and striping. Extra time gives the new asphalt an adequate period to set. With extra time you have the luxury to make sure each step is completed properly without the pressure of a deadline.

When you replace your parking lot’s asphalt during the summer, you also reduce the possibility of causing frustration for parents and other adults that visit the school during school months.

Summertime is the ideal time to inquire after our asphalt services and repairs. Contact J R Paving Co., Inc., for information regarding a summer break asphalt inspection, or to discuss how an asphalt seal can protect your parking lot from UV rays after the dismissal bell rings.