Fix Potholes in Asphalt Parking Lots ASAP

Asphalt potholes can pop up in your parking lot and cause a variety of issues that are best avoided. As a result, you need to understand a few of these issues and how potholes can affect your business. Read on to understand why an immediate pothole repair is the smartest choice. Potholes Cause Plenty of Problems
The biggest problem you’ll experience with asphalt potholes is the impact that they have on cars in your parking lot. This situation is bad enough when it happens to you, but it gets worse if it affects your customers. According to the professionals, potholes cause a variety of damage types to cars, including to areas like: 

  • Tires – Most of the time when a tire hits a pothole, a sturdy tire won’t get damaged. However, tires suffering from issues such as sidewall bulges or tread separation may burst and leave a customer stranded.
  • Wheels – The wheels of your tires are durable but not designed for excessive impact damage. Unfortunately, few problems cause wheel damage as severely as a pothole. Some wheels may end up bending or cracking under the strain of the pothole and cause damage to the axle.
  • Suspension – The sudden jarring shock of a pothole is something that a suspension is designed to handle. However, older suspensions may react poorly to the jolt and break down. When this happens, a car will handle very poorly and even dangerously on the road.

The worst part about this is that these problems are likely to occur in the areas where your customers travel most frequently, as their cars will put excessive strain on the asphalt in these spots. Unfortunately, this means that you may end up with a number of irate customers with damaged vehicles. 
If an angry customer can prove that you knew about the dangers of the pothole and refused to fix it, they could pursue a lawsuit against you. And if they win, they would force you to pay for repairs to their car. That situation is easily covered with liability insurance but can do a number on your business reputation, especially if you let the potholes worsen.
Potholes Get Worse Over Time All of the issues mentioned above will get worse if you don’t get your asphalt potholes repaired quickly. Tires repeatedly hitting the pothole will expand its size, as will natural weathering damage from rain, wind, snow, and ice. And as the pothole grows, the amount of damage it is likely to do to cars will increase. 
Even worse, potholes may spread rapidly across the surface of your parking lot and connect with other cracks and imperfections. When this happens, the single pothole you experienced will seem like a minor inconvenience compared to the large cracks and holes that litter your parking lot. Take care of the problems while they are small, and this won’t happen. 
Potholes Can Be Repaired Easily 
When you catch a pothole early and get it repaired ASAP, you do yourself and your business a great favor. You won’t have to worry about car damage affecting your customers. Just as importantly, you can present a high-quality business location that will impress your customers and others. Your professional and well-kept appearance ensures that you get the kind of customers that you need to stay open. 
So if your parking lot suffers from a large volume of potholes and you want to get them fixed right away, please don’t hesitate to contact us at J R Paving Co. Our professionals will come to your facility, inspect your parking lot, and work hard to ensure that all of its potholes are fixed in a timely and effective fashion.